Iowans call for conservation funding

Yesterday, more than 250 advocates made their way to Des Moines for Environmental Lobby Day/REAP Day at the Capitol. The event, which was co-hosted by the Iowa Environmental Council and the Iowa REAP Alliance, included representatives from 35 organizations.


250+ advocates gathered at the Capitol to speak with legislators about the importance of protecting Iowa’s natural resources

Many participants spoke with policymakers specifically about advancing clean water initiatives, and the need to support and protect our state’s natural resources through sustained funding. Many also expressed concern about the high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in our waterways, and the threats posed to drinking and recreational waters.

Advocates called for increased and sustainable funding for several initiatives including REAP, IWILL and the Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS). Many asked for increased oversight as well, calling for local reduction goals, timelines with benchmarks, and required consistent water quality testing and assessment, all of which are currently lacking in the NRS.

If you attended the event – thank you! Environmental Lobby Day/REAP Day at the Capitol is one of Iowa’s environmental community’s most effective tools to show that there is a broad base of support for a healthy environment. By making your voice heard, you  helped impress upon policymakers that environmental legislation needs to be a priority this session.

We will keep you informed about opportunities to take action on these and other environmental and energy issues.

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