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Two days, two top-notch clean water editorials in the Register

Image shows a thick mat of green algae with the text "Let's clean this up!"The Des Moines Register‘s editorial board is often a strong advocate for Iowa’s natural resources, and back-to-back editorials Sunday and Monday are no exception.

On February 26, Iowans are coming together at the statehouse to support adequate funding and real solutions for clean water and a healthy environment.  You can commit to attend in person at http://envirolobbyday.eventbrite.com.

On Sunday, the Register examined the Governor’s proposed cuts to lake and river restoration programs even as he celebrates “Iowa’s $1.6 billion tourism industry, which includes recreation on Iowa’s rivers and lakes.”

The Register gets it:

“If the Governor cannot find the money for these lakes, the Legislature should.  Meanwhile, the state must begin to take serious action to reduce the agricultural runoff that has fouled the lakes in the first place.  Otherwise, the state will be facing another cleanup effort in a few more years.”

Then Monday, the paper followed up with an equally strong piece discussing research into deteriorating water quality at Iowa’s lakes conducted by an Iowa State University team including Adam Heathcote, son of the Council’s own water program director, Susan Heathcote.  In that piece, the writers clarified what they mean by “serious action” on agricultural runoff.

“They say ‘one size fits all’ government regulations are not the answer, and they are right.  Mandatory regulation should be targeted only toward the most risky practices by farmers who aren’t voluntarily practicing smart conservation.  Farmers who are trying to do the right thing should get help implementing the most effective, science-based solutions.”

The Iowa Environmental Council believes Iowa’s waters should be clear and clean, not brown and green.  We’ve called on Iowans to share your clean water stories and come together in person at the statehouse Feb. 26 to speak out for protecting Iowa’s natural resources for future generations.