Meet our member organizations: Windward Iowa

Here at the Iowa Environmental Council, we rely on the partnerships we form and the relationships we build. As a coalition-based organization, we firmly believe that when we work together, we will achieve greater success, and our member organizations and individual members are essential. This is the third installment of our new series: meet our member organizations.

logo-leaf-150x151Each entry, we will introduce you to one of our member organizations and share some information about how they are helping create a safe, healthy environment and a sustainable future for Iowa. This time, we would like to introduce you to Windward Iowa.

Windward Iowa is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting wind energy and infrastructure projects in Iowa and across the Midwest. They achieve this by providing education about the benefits of wind energy, and promoting growth in wind energy usage.

“We were formed to provide an unbiased source of information about wind energy,” said President Craig Lang. “We speak at events and meetings, talking to people about the benefits of wind energy.”

Iowa ended 2014 with over 5,700 MW of installed wind energy that accounts for 28.5% of the state’s electrical generation – more than any other state, and hundreds of jobs have been created. Wind energy is clean and effective, and turbine blades can be turned in as little as five miles per hour wind.

“Even though wind energy is abundant in Iowa, we are still realizing its true potential,” Lang said. “Wind energy has legitimate, positive economic and environmental impacts in Iowa. We use less water, we pay less for energy, we reduce our pollutants and we efficiently capture easily available energy.”

Lang wants to see the use of wind energy increase in future generations.

“We need to build for the future, to keep future generations of wind energy workers here in Iowa,” Lang said. “If we don’t stay competitive, our energy prices will rise, and the next generation of clean energy workers will leave Iowa.”

Windward Iowa joined the Council as a member organization last year.

“Our partnership with the Council helps spread our message and gives it credibility,” Lang said. “We know the Council has had many years of experience protecting the environment, and they will help us bring more wind energy to the state of Iowa.”

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