Council to celebrate early leaders at Pro H2O

This Thursday, June 11, we will honor Mark Ackelson, Linda Appelgate, Buz Brenton, Charlotte Hubbell, David Hurd and David Osterberg, six of the Iowa Environmental Council’s early leaders, at Pro H2O – Celebrating 20 Years. These individuals helped shape and define the Council, setting it on course to become the organization it is today.

Reflecting on the past two decades, our honorees each shared some thoughts about the Council and its work.

David Osterberg“The Council starts with policy discussions, follows with proposed legislation, lobbies our issues and follows up when rules are written by state agencies. This complete environmental policy making entity has shown results over 20 years. Iowa’s environment is better because of the Council.”David Osterberg

Hurd-David-web“I would hate to think today, with the growing environmental issues all around us, where we would be as a state without the Iowa Environmental Council. The diligence, commitment, hard work and focus of the Council’s valuable staff, under Ralph Rosenberg’s guidance, has moved us forward on water quality and other critical issues that affect the quality of life in our state for all citizens.”
David Hurd

Charlotte Hubbell“I don’t know of any other environmental organization in Iowa that monitors dozens of bills in the state legislature affecting, or possible affecting, the environment, and then reaches out to its membership to keep them informed about what’s going on. Also, litigation, regretfully, at times is the only way to resolve conflicts. The Council is the only Iowa environmental organization I know of that has successfully litigated two cases. We don’t engage in litigation very often, twice in 20 years, but when we do, we seem to be on the right side.” – Charlotte Hubbell

Buz Brenton

“The Iowa Environmental Council is a very worthwhile organization with much potential. Further inclusiveness might be an agenda item to include for the future.” –  Buz Brenton

“The Iowa Environmental Council is unique in its strong focus on science and its effectiveness in bringing together diverse groups and individuals who Appelgate-Linda-webwant strong environmental protections for all to live and thrive in a healthy landscape. The Council is respected and powerful because it speaks out strongly and honestly for the policies and funding needed to assure those protections.”
Linda Appelgate

Mark Ackelson

“I was honored to help launch the Iowa Environmental Council. We came together with great enthusiasm to create an opportunity for conservation and environmental organizations to share expertise, exchange ideas, build capacity and work on issues of common interests. The focus then, as it is now, was on public education and coalition building to give Iowans a voice to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all Iowans.”
Mark Ackelson

Join us to thank Mark, Linda, Buz, Charlotte, David and David, celebrate our 20th anniversary, and toast to a shared vision for a clean water future at Pro H2O, Thursday, June 11, from 6-9 p.m. at Brenton Skating Plaza on the bank of the Des Moines River.

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