An easy way to aid Iowa’s wildlife

This year’s tax deadline is rapidly approaching. As you file your Iowa tax form, please take a moment to consider supporting an important cause: Iowa wildlife. By donating a portion of your tax returns to the Wildlife Diversity Program, you can help protect and preserve Iowa’s wildlife.

You can support the Wildlife Diversity Program by checking off a small box at the bottom of your tax forms. This box, historically called the Chickadee Check-off, is now listed as the Fish/Wildlife Fund. Although the name may have changed, the donation process is still as easy as it is helpful. Simply write the amount you wish to donate on the space provided, and the entire donation, which will be tax deductible in next year’s filing, will be sent directly to support the program.

The Wildlife Diversity Program itself is designed to address numerous important environmental issues, including managing landscapes and ecosystems, monitoring and recording wildlife across the state and designating land for public conservation. The program also conducts public outreach to educate and build awareness about Iowa wildlife and its needs.

Donations from the Fish/Wildlife Fund have already helped restore numerous animals back into Iowa wildlife including peregrine falcons, ospreys and trumpeter swans.

So this year, when you sit down to file your taxes, please help keep Iowa’s environment one of the most diverse and beautiful in the nation.

For more information, please visit the Chickadee Check-off website.


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