An important session for Iowa’s environment

We’re half way into the second week of the 2015 Iowa Legislative Session, and the Council has been busy meeting with our partners and state’s elected officials to advocate for public policy that promotes a safe, healthy environment for all Iowans.

This session, we will continue to advocate for legislation that advances and protects programs and policies that support clean water, expand renewable energy and protect our state’s natural resources.

We will push for policies that support a transition to clean energy including wind, solar and energy efficiency; and lobby for legislation that improves water quality and reduces pollutants, resulting in water that is clean and safe for drinking, recreation and wildlife. Programs and policies we support will protect Iowa’s environment, and improve our state’s health, quality of life and economic opportunities.

You may read about our Water and Energy Program’s legislative areas of focus this year on our website:

> 2015 Water & Land Stewardship Legislative Priorities
> 2015 Clean Energy Legislative Priorities

We look forwarding to continuing to give Iowans a voice on these issues, and to connecting you to opportunities to be heard – including the one that exists right now.

Now is the time to remind our elected officials that there are constituents who care about clean water, renewable energy and climate change. Legislators may hear from other groups that these problems are not really problems, or that the problems are being taken care of, they just need time. But evidence to the contrary can be found in Iowa’s waterways, land and air.

Find your legislator here

Let your legislators know you care about Iowa’s natural resources, share your personal story, and ask what they will do to promote, advance and protect programs and policies that foster a safe, healthy environment and sustainable future for Iowa.


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