Job opportunities with Conservation Corps Iowa

Conservation Corps Iowa, a cooperator of Iowa Environmental Council, is now hiring AmeriCorps Field Members & Leaders in Ames and Council Bluffs, and a Water Trails Specialist based out of Des Moines.

Field Crew Leader/Mentor

Crew Members and Crew Leaders receive training and complete habitat restoration projects such as tree planting, exotic species management and herbicide application, timber stand improvement, stream bank stabilization and erosion control, basic carpentry, prescribed burning, trail construction and maintenance, wildlife habitat improvement, wildland fire fighting and emergency response. Habitat restoration projects are performed outdoors in partnership with public land management organizations such as state and federal agencies, cities, counties, and trail associations.

The Crew Leader is responsible for daily crew operations, leading a crew of 4 or 5 members to perform natural resource management projects safely, effectively, and efficiently. The Crew Leader assists with Crew Member training and development, provides on-site education, assists with equipment maintenance, and helps members improve technical skills. In addition, the Crew Leader serves as a liaison between project hosts and the crew, communicating with hosts to determine project priorities and equipment needs.

Water Trails Specialist

The Water Trails Specialist is stationed at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and will assist DNR River Programs staff in site reviews, project design, equipment and materials procurement, maintenance, repair, budget estimation, permitting, engineering submittals and other facets of project planning. The member will assist with field data collection using mobile units and process, edit, or analyze data using GIS and other software tools in the office; and design signage plans and native planting plans for river restoration and water trail projects using DNR guidelines.

During the construction field season, this position will serve as a liaison between Conservation Corps field crews and the DNR Construction Technician, providing Corpsmembers with training, leadership, and project management. The Water Trails Specialist must be able to safely operate power and hand tools, small equipment and trucks pulling trailers and must effectively read and implement landscape drawings and designs. Previous knowledge or experience of landscaping, design, or restoration projects is beneficial

To read the full position descriptions and apply, visit:

Questions? Please connect with the individual listed as the contact for the position you are applying for. The Council cannot answer questions about individual positions.

Have an opening at your organization? Send information to iecmail [at] iaenvironment [dot] com


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