You can protect butterflies by providing habitat in your own back yard

PrintBlank Park Zoo has recently announced an exciting new conservation initiative called Plant.Grow.Fly. This project has been launched as an effort to protect one of the most important parts of our ecosystem: the pollinator. Although many of us only appreciate butterflies for their beautiful colors, more than one third of our global food supply depends on pollinators like the butterfly and bee. This means that it is in everyone’s interest to become aware of pollinator issues and take action to preserve them, and that is exactly what Plant.Grow.Fly. sets out to do.

Through the Plant.Grow.Fly website you can find easy to use garden recipes that will help you create the right habitat for our native butterflies and bees to thrive. Once your garden is planted, you can register it with Plant.Grow.Fly., and even show off your support for our pollinators by sending in a picture of your garden to be recognized on the Plant.Grow.Fly. website. Whether you are on a budget, or willing to spare no expense, Plant.Grow.Fly provides all the resources you will need to create a healthy habitat for pollinators at you home, school, or even workplace, and the time to act is now!

By planting a garden, and even ordering a special sign from the Plant.Grow.Fly website, you can grab the attention of your family, friends, and neighbors, and help educate them about the importance of our pollinators. If you and your family want to learn even more, you can check out the Blank Park Zoo Butterfly Festival on July 26, where you can enjoy crafts and activities for families, meet local gardening and pollinating experts, and much, much more! And for a truly visual experience, be sure to visit the Science Center of Iowa IMAX Theater to watch “Flight of the Butterflies” so you can experience the most incredible migration on earth…and one man’s search to unravel its mysteries.

Compiled by Council intern Will Fandel.

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