Council recognizes spring interns for their service advancing solar energy, conservation progress, and more

The Iowa Environmental Council has been fortunate this semester to have the assistance of two interns, Meghan Malloy and Will Fandel, who have brought value to our team in many ways.



Meghan is completing her law degree this semester at Drake University in Des Moines.  Her primary responsibility was to share information about solar energy with a broad cross section of legislators.  We appreciate her persistence and patience this semester sharing the story of Iowa’s great potential for solar energy leadership.  Meghan writes:

Part of lobbying is appealing to both sides of the aisle at the Capitol and illustrating how an issue impacting the environment, as well as the economy, is not a Democrat or Republican issue – it’s an issue for Iowans. It requires clear communication and compromise to bring both sides to the tables to ensure legislation is passed.

This experience through the Iowa Environmental Council allowed me to sharpen my communication and research skills, as well as learn in-depth about the potential industry opportunity Iowa has in solar energy. While the state has started to take advantage of this alternative energy source, there is room for it grow, which is, in part, in the hands of the General Assembly. Environmental lobbyists – both professional and interns – will need to continue their work with the Legislature to ensure this technology keeps moving forward.



Will Fandel came to our office to support conservation progress and the Council’s annual statehouse day, but has since taken on work on many issues and proven himself a very diligent, capable member of our team.  Will says:

The diverse range of work that I did while at the Council allowed me to learn a little about a lot of different areas, and has helped me understand the workings of a small non-profit organization. Furthermore, I now have a much better sense of how the environmental community in Iowa works together to enact change and improve air, water and soil quality in the state.

My experience through the Iowa Environmental Council has been a great learning experience that has improved my communication, organizational, and research skills, and has expanded my creative abilities. I am confident that my time spent interning at the Council me will serve me well as I continue my environmentally focused undergraduate studies.

The Council wishes Will and Meghan the best in their future pursuits.

If you are interested in serving as a Council intern, send an e-mail to Ralph Rosenberg, executive director, at, to get started.

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