Coal retirement announcements top 1 gigawatt over last 12 months

The Iowa Environmental Council’s energy program focuses on speeding Iowa’s transition to cleaner sources of energy and away from polluting coal.  Recently, the Council shared information about how Iowa remains a national leader in wind energy and that the state’s solar energy marketplace is growing.

But Iowa is also making progress retiring coal-fired generation.  In fact, a recent announcement by Alliant energy that it will convert its M.L. Kapp station in Clinton to burn natural gas means that Iowa utilities have announced over one gigawatt of coal retirement in the last year.  These announcements include three Iowa plants involved in a settlement over Clean Air Act violations the Sierra Club reached with MidAmerican Energy last year.

The following table includes announcements for coal plants in Iowa during the past year that will either close or convert to natural gas:

Date Facility Operator Capacity involved
Dec-12 Campus coal station Iowa State University 31 MW
Jan-13 George Neal North 1 & 2 MidAmerican 497 MW
Jan-13 Walter Scott 1 & 2 MidAmerican 131 MW
Jan-13 Riverside MidAmerican 141 MW
Nov-13 Ames Electric Services Power Plant City of Ames 109 MW
Nov-13 Fair Station CIPCO 63 MW
Jan-14 M.L. Kapp Alliant 218 MW
Total in approximately 12 months: 1190 MW (about 1.2 GW)

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