Rosenberg comments on updates to Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Image shows a thick mat of green algae with the text "Let's clean this up!"Wednesday, state officials at the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources released an updated version of Iowa’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy first released in November.  Upon initial review of the new version, Ralph Rosenberg, executive director of the Iowa Environmental Council, made the following statement:

“Many Iowans had hoped an update to the strategy would include clearer goals, timelines and strategies for measurement of progress, but unfortunately these important elements of the state plan remain to be determined.  In their response to public comments on the strategy, state officials made clear under the current plan, improvements to Iowa’s water quality will take decades to materialize.

“Iowans who have witnessed record nitrate levels that threaten drinking water this month as well as continued algae blooms and harms to aquatic life from nitrogen and phosphorous pollution think achieving cleaner water is urgent now.  The Iowa Environmental Council and our partners remain committed to doing all we can to speed pollution reduction in Iowa and deliver meaningful results as quickly as possible.”


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