Key state oversight position opening, qualified applicants needed now

A position on a key state board will be open soon, and qualified Iowans should submit applications at once.

The Environmental Protection Commission is one of two state panels with oversight authority for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  The EPC has a critical role to play in rulemaking for environmental protection and in hearing appeals for enforcement actions.  Here’s the official state description of the role:

[Members of the EPC] stablish policy, adopt rules, hear contested case appeals, approve or disapprove hazardous waste disposal sites, [and] approve budget for environmental, energy, geological, and administrative functions of the Department of Natural Resources.

Starting May 1, a position on this board will be open which is currently held by Diana Bruemmer of Davenport.  Ms. Bruemmer’s term expires April 30.  If you are an “elector of the state,” meaning a resident Iowan who can vote, you are eligible to apply for consideration to the Governor’s office and may do so right away.

The Governor’s office attempts to maintain a party registration and gender balance on boards and commissions like the EPC.  That means the successful candidate will likely be female and of no or Democratic party affiliation.

To learn more about the position and its responsibilities, and to apply, follow this link.  This is a very important position–we encourage you to share this listing widely with anyone who you think may be qualified to serve.

2 responses to “Key state oversight position opening, qualified applicants needed now

  1. Are board members/commissioners paid positions or volunteer?