Audio, slides from Council’s annual conference now available online

A grouping of images shows three speakers at the Council's recent annual conference.

Clockwise from left: The audience hears remarks by Kevin Nordmeyer from BNIM Architects, Hunter Lovins delivers her keynote, and Lisa Schulte Moore delivers her featured afternoon address.

On October 4, the Council welcomed 180 participants to its annual conference, “Finding Iowa’s Way: Economic Solutions for a Healthier Environment.”

Special feature:  Scroll down to view slides or hear audio recordings from the event.

Participants gathered to hear Hunter Lovins, a global leader in sustainable business consulting, who led a slate of speakers focused on explaining how Iowa can have both a healthier environment and a stronger economy at the same time.

Lovins did not mince words about the challenge humanity faces, particularly from climate change, which she described as an existential threat. But, she said, focusing on climate change as a business opportunity and taking action now will help progress happen.

“If we take the attitude that we’re going to reinvent everything about how we do business […then] we can unleash the greatest prosperity the world has ever known. We have all the technologies. We have the policy. We know how to do this. Do we as the species have the will to survive?” she said.

In his remarks, the Council’s new executive director, Ralph Rosenberg said the Council’s ability to help solve problems like climate change depends upon the diversity of Iowans it engages.

Rosenberg said the Council is committed to broadening its reach by redoubling efforts to engage diverse partners including government officials, the business community, other nonprofit organizations, those in research and academia, and beyond.

“Our strength comes not from an individual, our strength does not come from one issue, our strength comes because we are a coalition,” he said.

“The Way Out: Kick-starting Capitalism to Save our Economic Ass”

L. Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions



“Tweak, adapt, transform:  how to build a resilient future for agriculture in the u.s. corn belt”

Lisa Schulte Moore, Iowa State University




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  1. ralphrosenbergr

    For those of you who missed the Council’s excellent annual conference and Lisa’s excellent and thought-provoking talk, check this out.. Let us know what you learned and thought of her presentation.