COMMUNITY NEWS: ELPC launches new website featuring Iowa clean water stories

On October 2, The Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC), an Iowa Environmental Council member organization, launched, a new online story-telling and advocacy tool that puts a human face on Iowa’s water quality issues.

“Iowa’s water belongs to us all,” said Steve Falck, ELPC’s Des Moines-based senior policy advocate and a native Iowan. “Every time we turn on the tap, let our kids jump in the local lake, or take the tackle box out for a weekend trip, that’s Iowa’s water touching us in very personal ways. We need to make sure it’s safe and clean.” features six multi-media stories – including videos introducing viewers to Iowans affected by water quality – from across the state, from Okoboji to Muscatine.

According to ELPC staff attorney Josh Mandelbaum, “These are not ‘environmental stories.’ These are ‘people stories.’ Stories that show farmers and business owners trying to do the right thing. Stories that show Iowans enjoying the outdoors. Stories that demonstrate why clean, safe water is important to every Iowan.”

Added Falck, “We have the right, and we also have the responsibility, to be good stewards.”


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