Here’s what they said: Attendee feedback on the Council’s 2012 annual conference

Attendees listen to a presentation during the Council's 2012 annual conference, Finding Iowa's Way:  Economic Solutions for a Healthier Iowa Environment

Attendees listen to a presentation during the Council’s 2012 annual conference, Finding Iowa’s Way: Economic Solutions for a Healthier Iowa Environment

The Council’s annual conference, this year titled “Finding Iowa’s Way:  Economic Solutions for a Healthier Environment,” took place yesterday at the Scottish Rite Consistory in downtown Des Moines.  Here’s some of what we heard back from conference attendees after the event when we asked what part of the conference was most helpful/informative to you?

  • “I heard a message at this conference that I haven’t heard elsewhere–or at least not as clearly–that change (in attitudes) is happening.  The amount of change happening surprises me and inspires me.  Thank you.”
  • “Hunter [Lovins] spoke on all relevant challenges that America and other countries are having.  The most useful info was the ‘how to’ and ‘just do it.'”
  • “Networking opportunities.  Also learning what some businesses are doing to develop and implement sustainable strategies.”
  • “The realization that good things are happening.  We need to promote those and build on them with truths, not falsehoods.
  • “[The] perspective from industry.”
  • “Both Hunter [Lovins] and Lisa [Schulte Moore’s] presentations were invigorating and exciting.  Excellent choices.”
  • “There is money to be made in reducing climate change.”
  • “Ideas about how to have productive conversations with those whose views are very different from mine to find commonality to forward IEC goals.”
  • “I can’t single anything out, but I will say that Schulte Moore’s presentation was dazzling!”
  • “L. Hunter Lovins’ speech provides hope for climate change (and a warning).”

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