Garden Clubs of America and Clean Water

 Our Council has always been one of the leaders in the fight for clean water.  And efforts to advocate for clean water, whether for drinking water or recreational uses, are strengthened when there is broad scale support.  Here is another example of the support and also an illustration that the public is firmly behind the goals of clean water.

Nancy Mclveen, a Council Board member and also active with the Des Moines Founders Garden Club, stopped by the Iowa Environmental Council offices on Monday morning.  As Nancy mentioned her active involvement with local and national clubs, Nancy reminded me of the strong positions taken by the national Garden Clubs of America in support of many environmental issues. For a complete list, go to:

The following is an excerpt on Clean Water priorities, as copied from the Garden Clubs of America website:

Reduction of water pollution by:

  • Ensuring a vital clean water act including broad jurisdictional coverage.
    • Reducing point source pollution from industry and sewage treatment plants.
    • Reducing nonpoint source pollution from urban and agricultural run-off.
    • Reducing airborne pollutants which degrade water quality.
    • Enforcing strict water quality standards and pollution permits.
    • Improving funding for clean water programs.
  • Protection of ecosystems by:
    • Restoring and preserving the nation’s surface water.
    • Protecting groundwater.
    • Preserving and protecting wetlands, including strict standards for any method of wetland alteration.
    • Providing incentives for the creation and preservation of riparian buffer areas.
    • Developing national and global policies to protect coastal waters and the world’s oceans.
    • Ensuring sufficient in stream flows and natural flow patterns to sustain the integrity of river systems.
  • The nationwide availability of safe drinking water and public education concerning its content.
  •  The protection of fresh water resources to ensure that an adequate supply of fresh water is available both now and in the future.



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