Americans agree: Conservation is patriotic

More than 4 out of 5 Americans agree that conserving our country's national resources--our soil, air and water--is patriotic.  This is according to a Nature Conservancy poll released July 3.

From all regions of the country, across the political spectrum, and in urban areas and rural areas, a new poll shows Americans believe conservation is patriotic.


From a press release by The Nature Conservancy:

Nearing the Fourth of July in the highly partisan atmosphere of a presidential election year, The Nature Conservancy released a bipartisan national poll showing that at least one issue is widely supported by Americans across the political spectrum: the conservation of our nation’s land and water. And, the bipartisan team of pollsters note, from “Tea Party Republicans to liberal Democrats, more than four-in-five American voters say that conserving our country’s natural resources – our land, air and water – is patriotic.”

In addition, three-quarters of the American electorate says that “one of the things our government does best” is protecting its “history and natural beauty through national parks, forests and other public lands.” Not surprisingly, then, three-fourths of voters says they would prefer to go on vacation this summer in a national park or other public lands.

Voters also voiced overwhelming support for a number of specific federal policies to support conservation. Three-quarters (74 percent) of American voters say that even with federal budget problems, funding for conservation should not be cut. Many voters even are willing to reach into their own pockets to fund conservation, with 83 percent – including more than seven-in-ten voters across the political spectrum – willing to pay more in taxes to fund protection of land, water and wildlife habitat in their area.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of American voters reject the notion that protecting our environment is at odds with a strong economy. More than three-quarters of voters (79 percent) believe we can protect land and water and have a strong economy at the same time.

“Given these poll results,” added McConnell, “it is clear, the vast majority of Americans value the many ways nature benefits them and their communities — just as strongly as they always have.”

“Conservation is an issue that more often unites, rather than divides, the American people,” said David Metz, pollster from Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (D). Lori Weigel from Public Opinion Strategies (R) added, “Whether it is a general sense of patriotism and pride in national parks, or support for several specific federal policies, the survey finds a great deal in common among Americans regarding their views on conservation.”


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