Good Progress in the U.S. Senate

A brief update:

Yesterday, the United State Senate passed a number of beneficial amendments to the 2012 farm bill, including the Chambliss amendment that would reconnect taxpayer-subsidized crop insurance with basic conservation expectations.

Here’s some initial reaction from Ferd Hoefner, policy director at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition:

“The bill reported by the Committee has been significantly improved these past two days,” he said.  “The Chambliss amendment brings common sense conservation protections to the farm safety net to protect the natural resources on which our food security depends.”

The Iowa Environmental Council will continue to provide updates and analysis about the Farm Bill as it moves through Congress this year.  Right now, though, we can say thank you to all of our action alert volunteers who have spoken out for conservation in the farm bill all year long!


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    Good to hear some good news on the farm bill front.

    Of the many good things that the Iowa Environmental Council does, keeping us abreast via their blog of legislative actions that affect all of us is something they do particularly well.