Update: ‘Government efficiency’ bill, still including public land restrictions, up for possible debate today


HF2449, the government efficiency bill that would ban the Iowa Department of Natural Resources from purchasing any “land suitable for use in agriculture”  as well as ordering DNR to complete a costly appraisal of state land it manages, is on the House debate calendar for today, meaning action on this bill is possible today.

We are closely monitoring activities in the House and will provide you updates.  You can learn more about this bill and contact your Representative to take action on this issue right now by clicking here.

Additionally, you may call your representative by dialing the House switchboard at (515) 281-3221.  If you speak to your Representative, we suggest telling him or her you oppose “portions of HF2449 intended to restrict public land ownership contained in division 5, sections 16 and 17.”  Further, we suggest telling your legislator that a proposed amendment, H8403, would remove these items from the bill.

Previously, the Iowa House considered selling some of your public land this year; you can read about that effort here.  And in addition, check out this post with some thoughts on land conservation from Republican President and American conservation icon Theodore Roosevelt.

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