Elevated air pollution yesterday a cause for concern in SE Iowa, elsewhere

Levels of air pollution were considered unhealthy for sensitive groups yesterday in Muscatine County and surrounding areas.

Elevated air pollution levels in southeast Iowa yesterday prompted the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to issue an advisory that air quality was unhealthy for sensitive groups.

At yesterday’s levels, “members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The general public is not likely to be affected,” according to the EPA.

DNR reported moderate levels of fine particles  across a large part of the state yesterday:

As of 11 a.m, the average fine particle levels for the day were 70 in Muscatine. Several other monitors in the state recorded elevated levels.  Fine particle levels were 33 in Emmetsburg, 29 in Des Moines, 20 in Waterloo, 27 in Cedar Rapids, 27 in Iowa City, 33 in Davenport, 24 in Clinton, and 29 in Lake Sugema State Park.

The DNR’s 24-hour “health threshold” for fine particles is 35.

Today’s air quality forecast calls for moderate fine particle levels to continue over a large portion of central and eastern Iowa.

To monitor air quality in your area each day, the Iowa Environmental Council recommends monitoring the federal government’s Air Quality Index (AQI) map for Iowa, which provides a daily forecast and hourly updates on current conditions.


2 responses to “Elevated air pollution yesterday a cause for concern in SE Iowa, elsewhere

  1. The “sensitive groups” label is an interesting choice of words . . . . do they recommend not listening to Depeche Mode when the fine particle level rises?