Natural living in your home… and across Iowa

Environmental protection matters--from your house to the statehouse. Photos of a typical Iowa home and the Iowa State Capitol are shown.This weekend, Iowa Environmental Council staff will be at the Natural Living Expo (sharing a booth with our friends from Iowa Rivers Revival), talking with visitors about how we help bring together individual Iowans’ desire for a healthy environment into action that benefits the whole state.

One good example of this is water quality, where the Council is working to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorous ending up in Iowa’s waters, harming aquatic life and people’s use of water for drinking and recreation.

Across Iowa, people recognize the significance of this problem and are looking for ways to do their part toward solving it.

You can take action right at home.  For example, “rainscaping” your yard helps reduce storm water runoff that carries pollution to Iowa’s rivers and lakes.  Homeowners who want to learn more about how nitrogen, phosphorous, and other chemicals and pollutants move across their own lawns can turn to the Rainscaping Iowa program for information about water-wise landscaping and referrals to landscape professionals who incorporate water protection in their work.

At the same time, you can also support public policies to clean up Iowa’s waters, and that’s where the Council comes in.  We work so water quality across all of Iowa is good enough for drinking, recreational, and wildlife habitat uses.  We’ve called for setting pollution limits on nitrogen and phosphorous and we support the development of an effective state strategy to begin reducing the amount of this pollution in Iowa’s waterways now.

Both kinds of action—personal and collective—are necessary to create a healthy environment and sustainable future for all of us.  If you’re looking for ways to connect your personal environmental passion to something bigger, we invite you to join us (and our dozens of member organizations) to include environmental protection in Iowa’s public policy.

To get started, you can sign up for e-mail updates and action alerts right now.   Or, to learn more about our work, join us Saturday and Sunday at the Natural Living Expo!

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