Postcard from Iowa: March

Get Energized Iowa LogoIn February, four northeast Iowa communities entered into a competition called “Get Energized Iowa!” to find out which team of towns—Readlyn and Fairbank or Hudson and Dike—can reduce their energy use by the largest amount in 2012.

For this month’s postcard, we caught up with Dike Mayor Mike Soppe to see how the competition is shaping up.  He explained why people in his community should join the effort:

“First, it is a great opportunity and super easy way to do a little to help the environment. Second, this a good way for you to save some cash in an always evolving, tight economy. Finally, if you do your part and encourage others in the community to do theirs, the city as a whole saves money during off peak hours and can offer your utilities at a lower rate. End result: more savings.”

And Mayor Soppe is confident Dike residents will be serious contenders this year.  “I like our chances because I believe I live in a community that really cares about each other and what is best for the town,” he said.  “They love the opportunity to work together to achieve goals. Plus being rivals against Wapsie and Hudson in high school, we get excited at the chance to compete against them.”

The Iowa Policy Project (an Iowa Environmental Council member organization) is coordinating Get Energized Iowa in partnership with the Butler County REC, the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU), the UNI Center for Energy and Environmental Education, and Green Iowa AmeriCorps.

The Iowa Environmental Council congratulates residents from Readlyn, Fairbank, Hudson and Dike who are doing their communities reduce energy use in this friendly competition.  Organizers are maintaining a blog to track progress in the communities, available at


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