Community News: COSC Teams with Meidh to Recalculate Sustainability

From a press release by the Center on Sustainable Communities, an Iowa Environmental Council member organization.

The Center on Sustainable Communities (COSC) launched its COSC Evergreen sustainability certification at StartupCity in Des Moines, Iowa, on March 5, 2012, during its Annual Membership Meeting. The COSC Evergreen sustainability certification is the first of its kind, allowing individuals to see how their everyday choices compare against those of their friends, coworkers, organizations, or surrounding communities.

The COSC Evergreen certification is unique because it focuses on how individuals choices compare to their peers. Unlike other programs like the USGBC’s LEED® certification or the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® label, COSC Evergreen rankings are based on the dynamic responses of user groups, and go beyond focusing on specific buildings or appliances. COSC Evergreen ranks users into four percentile groupings, from Evergreen to Platinum, based on their answers to specific questions about their environment and resource management.

“We are very excited to unveil the COSC Evergreen certification,” says Jenny McCoy, COSCBoard President. “It strikes at the heart of what we are working to achieve as COSC: a simple way for individuals, communities, and businesses to both understand their impact and take actions to be more ecologically sustainable.”

Meidh Technologies, a Des Moines technology firm located in StartupCity on Silicon Sixth, provides the computational engine called ENpact that performs the analytics driving the revolutionary COSC Evergreen certification. A nationally renowned expert in sustainability and energy management strategies, Meidh specializes in Energy Star® labeling and LEED® certification for commercial investment fund and Corporate office properties across the nation.

“The COSC Evergreen program will be generating information from data that no one has ever seen before,” says Chris Draper, Meidh CEO. “The COSC Evergreen program is revolutionary because it is the industry’s first opportunity to turn individualized data into globally actionable information.”

For COSC itself, the COSC Evergreen certification program is a pioneering initiative for an industry leader on sustainable practices. The COSC Evergreen certification program will drive COSC to take on a national footprint after nearly a decade serving Iowa as one of the first organizations focusing on sustainability education.

“This new direction for COSC provides many exciting opportunities,” says Lynnae Hentzen, co-founder and Acting Executive Director. “While we look forward to continuing our record of serving Iowa, we are eager to work with Meidh in reaching a national community.”

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