Your calls to the Iowa Senate Commerce Committee are critical RIGHT NOW.

Update 3/7:  The Commerce Committee is expected to debate this legislation at a 9:30 a.m. meeting March 8 (tomorrow).
Update 2/2:  The Commerce Committee is scheduled today.  Consider contacting them so they know you don’t want them to bring up HF561/SB390.
Update 1/31:  This action alert has now expired because the Commerce Committee cancelled its meeting.


The Iowa Senate Commerce Committee will meet at 4:00 p.m. today to consider HF561/SF390, legislation to give development of a new nuclear power plant unfair advantages over wind and solar energy development in Iowa.  If passed, this bill would mean Iowa’s electric ratepayers can be charged for developing a new nuclear plant in Iowa–whether or not the plant is ultimately built.

Now is the moment to call Senators and tell them how you feel about this bill!

Guidance for calling

If you call, please remember these guidelines:

  • Please be respectful.  Even when we disagree, our elected officials deserve our respect, and a Senator who does not support us on this issue may be a critical partner on our other priorities.
  • Keep the call short.  Introduce yourself, tell your Senator you oppose this legislation, ask her or him to oppose the bill, and thank her or him for listening. Make your points, but also keep it conversational and listen to any responses.
  • Mention the legislation by name.  We’re calling to speak about House File 561 which is also known as Senate File 390.
  • Tell us how it went.  You can send feedback about your call to

Why the Iowa Environmental Council opposes this legislation:

  • It shifts the costs and risks of a new nuclear power plant to Iowans like you through higher electric rates.
  • Utility customers take on this risk even if MidAmerican never builds the nuclear plant.
  • Building a new nuclear plant will make developing truly renewable energy resources (wind and solar) more difficult in Iowa.

Who to call

Senate switchboard: 515-281-3371

For more information, see our previous post on this topic.


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