Stop MidAmerican’s Nuclear Gamble: Tell Your Senator to OPPOSE HF561/SF390

Update: This action alert has now expired.


Although it stalled last year, MidAmerican Energy’s nuclear power bill (HF561/SF390) is back on the agenda this year, where it could be voted out of the Senate Commerce Committee next week unless you act now.  This bill fashions a sweetheart deal for MidAmerican, other Iowa utilities, and private investors by shifting the costs and risks of a new nuclear plant directly to Iowans like you through higher electric rates.  And utility customers get to take on these costs and risks even if no nuclear power plant is ever built.

The Iowa Environmental Council is deeply concerned that this legislation will set back efforts to increase Iowa’s use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. These options are better for Iowa’s economy, environment, and quality of life. It will be harder for truly renewable energy sources like wind and solar to compete if the legislature gives nuclear power so many special advantages. 

Your action is urgently needed to stop this bad bill from becoming law in Iowa.

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