Clean Water Act Under Attack in Congress

Forty years ago, the Clean Water Act was established to protect our nation’s waters and wetlands from pollution and destruction. We all depend on these waters for drinking and for recreation. They also provide essential habitat for fish and wildlife.

New Clean Water Act Guidance – GOOD NEWS … The EPA and the US Corps of Engineers recently took an important and necessary step to restore essential protections in the Clean Water Act by creating draft guidance that defines which waters are protected by the Act. The guidance is the beginning of a process to restore vital safeguards for rivers, lakes, streams, and wetlands that are essential for sustaining healthy communities. Unfortunately, polluters are mustering opposition to the proposed guidance. The EPA and lawmakers need to hear from those of us who want to protect clean water.
Dirty Water Bills – BAD NEWS … We are alarmed and deeply saddened that members of the United States Congress are willing to sacrifice our health and well-being by taking away legal protections that safeguard our water. There are three dirty water bills that must be stopped:

  • HR 2018 (Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act of 2011) guts some of the most important protections in the Clean Water Act by severely weakening EPA’s authority. (When voted on in a committee meeting, Senator Grassley voted FOR this bill!)
  • S 718 (Pesticide Clean Water Act Exemption) eliminates all Clean Water Act protections against pesticide pollution.
  • Water & Energy Appropriations Spending bill 26-20, section 109 is a rider that kills the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers guidance designed to restore Clean Water Act protections
  • List of anti-environment riders attached to FY 2012 Interior/EPA budget bill

Note:  The text of this action alert has been provided for archival purposes. The alert is no longer active.


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