Congress Proposing Elimination of Conservation Programs in Farm Bill

The Mississippi River flows through the heart of our nation. It provides drinking water for 18 million people and has inspired American legends like Mark Twain. But the once mighty Mississippi needs our help. Pollution from farms damages our River and causes the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, an area in which no fish, shrimp or wildlife can survive.

This pollution threatens our drinking water, economies and quality of life. Over the years, Congress has created effective and efficient conservation programs that help farmers reduce their pollution and protect our water quality, and supports farmers. These programs help protect over 2.5 million acres in Iowa and add over $53.3 million to our local economies.

Unfortunately, members of Congress want to completely cut these programs. Instead of making smart cuts that will reduce the deficit, Congress is overzealously making cuts that irresponsibly hurt farmers and threaten livelihoods. Congress is making careless cuts that will eliminate programs that have been proven to decrease pollution from farms, while simultaneously helping to keep us safe and our economy growing.

Government’s job is to protect us and our most basic needs, like clean water. These programs are prime examples of what government should do. Fiscal responsibility makes sense, but never at the expense of American safety and progress. Congress must not zero-out these programs.

Because they live in a Mississippi River state, your members of Congress should be fighting to protect exactly these types of programs. Because you live in a Mississippi River state, you have a responsibility to help protect this national treasure. Contact Senators Harkin and Grassley today and urge them to protect conservation programs.

Note:  The text of this action alert has been provided for archival purposes. The alert is no longer active.

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